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use Artificial Intelligence to drive your business

As Enterprises are embracing digitalization showing advancements in mobility and IoT, exciting new trends are emerging in the technology space waiting to be harnessed to provide an impeccable user experience. One such trend is Chatbots, a mechanism to perform specific tasks using simple voice or text commands.

Leverage on Chatbot for Plant Maintenance and Service Management with a purpose of providing an interactive experience over Chat, to plant Technicians and Supervisors. Built on KORE BOTS Framework, Microsoft Bot Builder and SAP Co-Pilot integrate the business process with the Chat Platforms/Messengers for real time use.

Technicians who are responsible for Inspections do not have to go through complex data entry processes to report issues or create tickets. A ticket can be logged with detailed attributes of the finding with simple text commands. The Chatbot interacts with the backend and carries out all the functions required to create a ticket without the user’s intervention.

The end user has a more personal experience while creating a ticket. As Chatbots are usually text-driven, with images and unified widgets, therefore shows to the end-user only the required at a time, and can advance the interaction with a user based on user input at each specific point. Further the Chatbot prompts the technician with a set of questions in a certain sequence. This makes the process of notification/ticket creation more efficient as missing essential details is avoided. That’s finally when we can call an interaction between a machine and a human communication.

Using Machine Learning concepts a Chatbot also can be further enhanced to learn from the user’s behavioral pattern thereby making the application more intuitive and intelligent. Since the Chatbot can be integrated into Chat Platforms/messengers using a browser-based application a standalone app on the device is not always mandatory.

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