Store Assortment Planner

enhance insights to merchandise movement in your Store

Omni-channel retailing has created a paradigm shift in consumer demand and to meet this retailers have to carry customer-centric merchandise mix as per local store’s requirements. Customers getting the right mix of products in their local store is the key for retailer’s success. The Store Plan provides an efficient merchandise mix plan for a specific store.
In our unique store solution the store data is processed on real time basis using Big Data engine and it is accessible using mobile devices. The solution empowers Store Manager and Store Category Planner to analyze and enhance the insight view of the merchandise category movement.

Key Features of Store Plan :
– Build and Analyze Store – Merchandise Mix Plan @ different level of merchandise hierarchy
– Analyze real time Analytics
– Add / Customize Plan KPI – Growth, Margin, Contribution, Sales, Sales through.
– Review unstructured data during planning stage.
– Tightly integrated with POS and Back Office Data.
– Comprehensive Store Productivity tool to get 360 degree view of store in distributed business environment

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