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SAP Fiori – Working on every device with simplified transactions

Our daily life is full of consumer apps with which help us to communicate, shop or get informed quickly and easy. We increasingly place value on easy-to-use and attractive interfaces in business solutions too, which are accessible on any device whether in the office or en route. SAP Fiori enables your users to carry out many work procedures easily and if necessary on mobile devices – as we experience technology at home every day.

Fiori apps are especially applicable to execute worklists (e.g. approvals, converting purchase requisitions to orders, etc.), simple confirmations (time recording, production confirmations, etc.), as well as providing simple analysis.

With S/4HANA SAP transactions are gradually replaced by Fiori apps, because the Fiori framework is meanwhile able to depict complex content as well.

SAP solutions which are based on SAP NetWeaver contain the Fiori license without additional costs.

SAP Fiori dashboard with various tiles, SAP Fiori Apps, SAP Fiori, SAP Mobile Fiori, SAP Gateway, SAP Personas, SAPUI5


  • Call up business processes and information at any time, place and device
  • Carry out simple tasks on the go
  • Work off your tasks faster with an easy-to-use interface
IT Department
  • Increase the acceptance of staff for business solutions with an intuitive use
  • Exploit the investment in SAP software even better with always available and ease-to-use applications
  • The need for extensive trainings is decreased – investment costs remain low
  • The app collection can be expanded quickly because of the SAPUI5 base
  • SAP Fiori can be flexibly adapted to business processes and supplemented with any user roles
  • Frequently used functions are available at any place, including approval processes and many self-service functions
  • Reduce travel and procurement costs through fast and timely approvals
  • Give employees more space for demanding tasks
  • Motivate each individual with flexible working processes

In today’s world, where IT is consumerized, end user expectations from Enterprise business systems have also changed. new, modern design philosophy, SAP Fiori represents the consistently simple and user-friendly operation of SAP applications. SAP Fiori enables simplification of user interface and at the same time opens the doors for Enterprise Mobility.

The considerable simplification and mobile delivery especially of business-critical processes can help you to significantly reduce costs in the long term. In order to successfully use the new SAP standard.

Enjoy rapidly SAP FIORI – SAP UI5 user experience that is a personalized, responsive and simple for all organizations. Make SAP Fiori the new user experience of your SAP interface by using modern design principles, SAP Fiori provides a role-based experience across all lines of business, tasks and devices.

  • Customized SAP UI5 cockpits to address all the major custom business requirements not covered by SAP standard FIORI Apps
  • Enable harmonized and consistent experience across multiple devices
  • Achieve instant access to business date – anytime and anywhere
  • Boost user productivity and satisfaction – and help end users always get the job done simpler
  • Leverage your existing SAP investments with minimal costs and higher ROI.


SAPUI5 facilitates easier-to-use user interfaces of SAP applications, fast and platform-independent.

This very powerful JavaScript framework was developed to enable a fast and platform-independent usability (OC, tablet, smartphone) of user interfaces of SAP applications. Moreover, the proven and classic SAP layout was expanded by some modern user interface components.

SAP UI5 Interface, SAP Fiori Apps, SAP Fiori, SAP Mobile Fiori, SAP Gateway, SAP Personas, SAPUI5

Data exchange and data consumption is carried out fast, trouble-free and platform-independent via OData services, e.g. provided by SAP Gateway. It is essential that SAPUI5 is suitable for any kind of application – web, mobile, hybrid apps, as well as desktop applications in various sizes.

Unlike SAP WebDynpro for ABAP applications, whose specific focus lies in big and high transactional applications, the benefit of SAPUI5 applications is the trouble-free and platform-independent exchange and preparation of data in form of lightweight applications of daily use.

SAP Fiori apps are based on SAPUI5.

SAPUI5 supports usability

  • No limits – any resolution on any device possible,
  • Adapt user interfaces to your company’s CI,
  • Low training efforts through intuitive navigation
  • Fun to use

Encourages innovation

  • Incomparable scalability in all sizes,
  • Platform-independent and powerful interface to the data from the SAP system
  • Individual extensibility of your application

Based on standards

  • Known standard SAP functionality are supported
  • Platform-independent because of open source standards from the web development
  • Use of modern technology: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript

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