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Let VASPP take care of your IT needs

Let VASPP take care of your IT needs

Looking to strategically improve your company’s operations? Outtasking day-to-day IT management responsibilities is a cost-effective way to focus on your core business without wasting time and money on processes that aren’t your strong points. VASPP can help. VASPP offers a full suite of outsourcing services to help ensure that IT remains your most valuable business tool.

Our managed services portfolio


SAP has become a key business tool for many organizations, however, the challenge of maintaining these investments and incorporating technologies such as SAP UI5, S4 Extensions, HCP offerings or SF Cloud integration is very real, especially given the industry-wide shortage of SAP skills. Moreover, IT departments must continue to meet the business’s requirements for quality, predictability and responsiveness.

Our suite of services includes application maintenance, production support, incremental enhancements, service management and release and configuration management. It can be tailored to meet your precise needs.

Our solution is backed by VASPP’s robust, comprehensive and proven SAP methodologies, along with an SAP estimating capability, supporting SAP tool suite, support processes and procedures and SAP-specific production-acceptance criteria. Working with VASPP, clients can increase productivity and quality as well as improve service execution and reliability on the path to achieving high performance.

Identity and access management (IAM) is the security discipline that enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons.

Your business needs immediate, easy and secure access to information. But you must balance that with access controls that secure protected information and help you meet government mandates.

With VASPP professionals, you can quickly and cost-effectively integrate Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies across local, mobile and cloud SAP environments.

Mobile application management is the delivery and administration of enterprise software to companys’ end users and personal smartphones and tablets.

We are participating to assist with software delivery, software licensing, configuration, application life cycle management (ALM) and usage tracking.

The best way for employees to easily locate and download the apps they want to use in their roles while enabling IT to manage, monitor, and secure apps throughout the full mobile lifecycle without intruding on employees’ personal apps and data.

VASPP is delivering an ultra-simplified deployment thanks to a fully customizable enterprise app store. Mobile application management provides fast distribution, whether of approved public apps or privately developed apps, throughout your organization.

Benefits :

  • Welcome multiplatform compatibility
  • Truly secure distribution and testing
  • Accurate usage tracking
  • Easy update delivery
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