BREVO (Business Reporting Engine for Visualization and Overview) creates value in the $203B global big data industry through its unified, platform agnostic BI platform. BREVO is the only platform that empowers not only CXO’s of organizations to uncover the truth behind their organization’s data but also the end users with pervasive analytics tools.

The Big Data explosion has resulted in business leaders spending more than 80% searching for relevant data and 20% on making decisions. Meanwhile, the Enterprise analytics ecosystem is severely fragmented. Software providers focus on the data analytics part of the equation or only on Data Visualization.

This perfect storm drastically heightened the CXO’s dependency on multiple reports, and technology consulting to make sense of those reports.


The team at BREVO fundamentally believes that there is a better, easier way. Importantly, we believe that the global community is served much better when CXO’s utilize their time in decision making, rather than becoming saddled by thousands of reports, most of which contradict each other.

BREVO works as a security blanket for CXO’s by protecting them from the impact of big data explosion in three ways

  • Reducing data red herrings: BREVOs’ platform agnostic analytics empowers business leaders by identifying causality between strategic insights and tactical level information.
  • Enhancing Data Relevance: BREVOs’ reporting and custom templates enable business leaders to get personalized, relevant insights and intuitively connect strategic insights to deep tactical drill downs.
  • Improving organizational stability: BREVO uses machine learning algorithms to increases the predictive confidence of leadership forecasts. This imbues the leadership with better decision-making capabilities and a higher percentage of successful outcomes.

In essence BREVO creates value by transforming data from a proverbial “millstone around the neck” of organizations to a specially sharpened strategic arrow that finds the target. BREVO not only consolidates an organization’s data, information and analytics streams into a single unified dashboard that presents relevant insights to business leaders on demand. But, also provides drill down intelligence.

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